Körbärsgården & We !

Körsbärsgården’s documentation goes back to the 1700s and probably has this been a settlement already in the Viking Age . A stone's throw away from the farm is the Chieftain's grave, where once an old Viking chieftain rested under the hill . In the late 1940ts the farm house sank a good piece down into the earth. The sandy earth gave way after about 150 years, and the peasant family who lived here decided to build something new. The new dwelling house was finished in 1949, but the old barracks from the 1800s were preserved. (The stones from the fields together with the old stones from the foundation were gathered in a heap on the moor . It looks like a miniature of the Kivik Grave on Körsbärsgården ) . In 2000 a couple became the new owners and transformed the old cow shed into a Bed and Breakfast . Out of the cows' stalls and pens , comfortable and charming rooms for two-legged guests were created. No rooms are alike and everything has its own clever solution and has been adapted to the conditions. There is a kitchen, sauna , lounge with fireplace and a small orangery, yes , even light therapy room if you yourself or the weather is a bit gloomy . If you want to take your breakfast or dinner outdoors, you do so at “Lilla Torg”, which is the old manure converted into a patio with herb garden and barbecue place.

In November 2012 we moved in together with our sheep , horses , and dog together with the adopted cats . Once in place, after nine months of long wait (like pregnancy actually) , we were all full of joy : the sheep jumped on their thin legs , the horses did prances so that they touched the sky, the dog ran in circles of joy, and as we kissed the ground the four adoptees the cats looked at us in a calm , accustomed as they were already at this piece of paradise.

Körsbärsgården is located between forest and sea , on Linderödsåsen , at the edge of Osterlen with the white beaches of Hanöbuktens below the feet . Kristianstad which celebrates 400 years in 2014 is half an hour away . The city has a lot of culture , art and history and great shopping with lots of fun shops in the city centre . Then we have the entire Österlen , the coast and Linderödsåsen , yes , even Skåne's only archipelago is reachable in just over half an hour from us.

Some old Viking was in a very good mood when he struck his residence here on Körsbärsgården . We are very excited for this and you are welcome too! Shared joy is double joy , or that our motto is: " Life is beautiful, so marvel at all!"


Lena and Lars with family